NOTE: All of our 13*6 lace front products have been restocked.


Kinky Blow Out 20" Full Lace Wig
Curly 16"x18" Clip In Hair
Coily 14" Clip In Hair
Diva Curly Unit
Bossy Bob
Sunkissed Unit
Natural Glow Curly Unit
Spice Up Your Life Unit
Big Hair No Care Unit
Coily 16" Headband Wig
Coily 16" Headband Wig
Natural Glow Curly Unit
Coily 18" Lace Front Wig
Kinky 20" Headband Wig
Curly 16" Headband Wig
Coily 18" Headband Wig
Coily 18" Glam Set Clip In Hair
Curly 16" Lace Front Wig
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